Crew Member who Survived Conception Dive Boat Fire Files Lawsuit

KNX 1070
September 19, 2019 - 8:09 am



A crew member, who survived the deadly dive boat Conception fire, has filed a lawsuit. 

He says the boat wasn't seaworthy.

Crew member Ryan Sims was fast asleep as flames overtook Conception. 

His lawsuit admits this and alleges inadequate training, safety equipment and no good route out in an emergency. 

Sims broke his leg jumping from the top deck.

The NTSB's early report found all six crew sleeping as the fire started.    

A dive instructor, familiar with Conception, says the bunker, where 33 passengers were sleeping, along with a sixth crew member,  does have exits and says the doors don't lock.

The NTSB's report does say crew members couldn't rescue people-- because all access points were blocked by intense flames.

Conception's owner disputes the NTSB's preliminary report and that the entire crew was sleeping as Conception caught fire.