Compton Mother Runs Nonprofit on LA's Skid Row that is Educating Homeless on COVID-19

KNX 1070
April 13, 2020 - 11:18 am

A Compton mother of six, who normally helps homeless people on Los Angeles' Skid Row with things that make them feel better, has seen her role change during the current coronavirus pandemic.

Shirley Raines runs the nonprofit Beauty2TheStreetz, which provides not only food and clothes, but also hair color, hair washes, wigs, and makeup to the homeless on Skid Row.

Now the nonprofit is busy trying to educate the homeless about the dangers of COVID-19.

She is collecting donations at

Raines says "we find ourselves not only providers of items and necessities but also educators of letting them know 'this is what it is.' So all the information I get, as the CDC updates us as we get the news on the radio stations, we take that information out to the homeless and I say 'this is the information we have been told, this is the new information. Make sure you cover your face and wash your hands.'" 

The nonprofit is also giving out hand sanitizer and face masks to the homeless.