Chino, Hawthorne, and Pico Rivera Mosques Participate in Nationwide Open Mosque Day Friday

May 17, 2019 - 8:54 am

The Muslim community,  including here in Southern California, is inviting the public to one of its mosques to experience Ramadan.

Ramadan is the annual month of fasting prescribed to Muslims who believe the Holy Quran was revealed during this time.

Mosques in Chino, Hawthorne, and Pico Rivera are all participating in this nationwide Open Mosque day Friday for prayer services this afternoon and Saturday for a special Iftar dinner.

Amjad Mahmood Khan, with Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA, says they want to bring people together in light of the recent attacks against synagogues and mosques.

"Learn about the holy month of Ramadan, learn about what we as American Muslims are all about. Get to know a Muslim so that the seeds of love are planted. Our motto is love for all, hatred for none," he said. "We can't stop hate by recoiling." 

He says he believes that now more than ever Mosques should be open to all Americans.