Burger King Manager Told to 'Go Back to Mexico' for Speaking Spanish to Co-Worker

Rebekah Sager
July 11, 2019 - 9:44 am

Neyzha Borrero Facebook


Two patrons at a Florida Burger King captured phone video of a confrontation between the fast-food manager and two customers telling the manager to "go back to Mexico," because he was speaking Spanish to a co-worker.

In the video, now making the rounds on social media, you can hear the two unidentified women telling general manager Ricardo Castillo that "This is America, and "our main language is English." 

"When I heard, 'You cannot speak Spanish in public,' I grabbed my phone and I was like, 'Hold up,'" Neyzha Borrero said when she and her boyfriend Oni Martinez, heard the conversation begin. 

“I was very surprised (at) his reaction,” Borrero, who is also Puerto Rican told the Daily Commerical. “I think even though he was being verbally attacked and discriminated, he handled (it) very, very well. He never used profanity to them. He never insulted them, he just asked them to leave and never come back to his restaurant.”

“No human being deserves to be spoken to and disrespected like that,” Martinez, who is Mexican said.

The manager responds initially to the women calmly telling them that he and the rest of the employees "have the freedom of speech, ma'am." 

Castillo, who is from Puerto Rico and has worked as a manger for the last 18 years, eventually lets the women have it. He calls them prejudiced, ignorant and disrespectful. Then he asks them to leave. “I have nothing to say to you ma’am,” he said. “Just have a nice day and don’t come back.”

“I’ve never had that experience before,” Castillo said in an interview with Daily Commericial. “I can’t believe that at this age there’s still people like that,” Castillo added. “We’re all the same. We’re all human beings. We bleed red.”