BREAKING: Man Who Fatally Stabbed Cal State Fullerton Administrator May Have Planned Kidnapping

Rebekah Sager
August 19, 2019 - 3:33 pm

Pete Demetriou


Fullerton Police Department responded to a deadly assault on the campus at California State University Fullerton Monday morning. The attack took place Monday at around 8:30 am. 

In a major update in the investigation, a bomb squad checked out a backpack under the victim's car and inside it was an incendiary device, a knife and other things indicating this might have been planned as a kidnapping. 

The victim was an Asian man in his late 50s was found stabbed to death in his silver Infinity sedan just after 8:45 am. The car was in a parking lot near an administration building. S

Investigators believe this was a targeted, not a random attack.

The person they are looking for is an Asian man in his 20’s. He was last seen running north on Langsdorf and then east on Nutwood Avenue.

Police have bloodhounds on standby to do a search of the area.

Cal State Fullerton police were assisting Fullerton police in the investigation.

A note from CSUF emergency services said the attack occurred in the parking lot south of the College Park building.