German man suspected of drowning elderly mother in well

October 15, 2019 - 3:07 am

BERLIN (AP) — Authorities in Germany say they've arrested a 55-year-old man on suspicion of killing his mother by drowning her in a well.

Police and prosecutors in Muenster said Tuesday that an autopsy showed the 79-year-old woman suffered head injuries before she was dropped in the well in June.

Chief prosecutor Martin Botzenhardt said the suspect appeared to have attacked her because she planned to sell parts of the land he hoped to inherit.

Authorities say the suspect hasn't commented on the allegations.

In a separate case, a farmer has gone on trial in Augsburg accused of drowning his wife in slurry last year to avoid splitting their assets in a divorce. The man's lawyers deny the allegations.

Last year, 123 women in Germany were killed by their current or former partners.