WATCH: Anaheim PD Investigating Footage of Protester Bumped by Police Car

Rebekah Sager
July 30, 2020 - 12:37 pm
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Anaheim police are investigating an incident caught on video and posted to Instagram of a police car that appeared to bump a protester during a Black Lives Matter protest on Saturday, July 25.

The protesters assembled at La Palma Park prior to marching south on Harbor Boulevard toward Broadway, where the incident seems to occur.  

Anaheim police released helicopter footage and outlined their perspective.

“There are some people trying to spin this as an intentional act – this was not intentional,” Sgt. Shane Carringer said in an interview with the OC Register. “Any assertion that this was intentional is just false.”

According to police, the officer driving the car was trying to disperse people from an intersection to make room for the protesters. 

As one vehicle was stopped at a light, the officer told the driver to move through to make way for the protesters marching through. 

“As both vehicles entered the intersection, the white sedan blocked the officer’s view of a protester who was walking alone, southbound in the middle of the intersection,” Carringer said. “With the intersection now cleared of vehicle traffic, the officer began to turn behind the white vehicle to return to his position … while still monitoring the approaching crowd.”

Although the helicopter footage doesn’t show the moments before the impact, it does show the police vehicle abruptly stopping and bumping into the man. The man walks up to the cruiser and says something to the officer. 

Police asked that witnesses contact them at 714-765-1900.