2 LAPD Officers could Face Discipline after Using Lethal Force during Hostage Situation

May 21, 2019 - 5:07 pm

(KNX 1070) - The Los Angeles Police Commission has decided that two of the three officers involved in a shooting during a hostage situation were out of policy in the use of lethal force during a hostage situation Tuesday.   

The hostage-taker was killed and so was the hostage last year.

The Vote by the commission was 5-0 as they looked at several key elements of the shooting of Guillermo Perez and his hostage Elizabeth Tollison by several LAPD officers.

Commission Executive Director Richard Tefank read the findings. The panel had no problems with officers drawing weapons or using a beanbag shotgun. But when it came to the actual firing of 18 shots at Perez when he pressed a knife to Tollison's throat.

Chief Michel Moore must now decide on beginning disciplinary proceedings for the officers found out of policy within the next month. The penalties could range from additional training to being fired from the department after a hearing by a board of rights.

In June 2018, three officers responded to the scene of a 911 call where Guillermo Perez, 32, who had stabbed his ex-girlfriend, was allegedly holding a knife against the throat of Elizabeth Tollison, at a church's homeless outreach center in Van Nuys.

He allegedly held the knife to her neck and engaged with the officers, refusing to obey their orders.

One officer shot a beanbag shotgun during the standoff but that didn't stop Perez. Officers fired at least 18 times and Perez died in the shooting. Tollison was also hit by shots and later died at the hospital.

Her family brought a lawsuit against the LAPD for wrongful death.