13-Year-Old Studio City Girl Wants to Honor Those Who Died From COVID-19 With #CovidQuilt

KNX 1070
May 06, 2020 - 2:25 pm

Madeleine Fugate, a 13-year-old from Studio City, Calif., is on a mission to make a #CovidQuilt to honor those who have died from the virus.

She needs some help making it happen.

Inspired by the Aids Memorial Quilt, Fugate came up with the idea as part of a project for her 7th-grade class at the Buckley School.

"It's usually something where we have to give back," she says.

Since this year’s theme is about change-makers in a world of COVID-19, she felt she could use her passion for quilting to create something that will live on as a reminder of the lives lost.

"Nowadays people just look at them as numbers, they don't really think of them as people anymore. And they're still people and we should remember them," Madeleine told KNX 1070 News reporter Margaret Carrero Wednesday. 

Her mother Katherine got the chills when she first told her about it.

"And I thought 'that's a good sign,' when she said 'those are people,' that simple reminder, I said 'this needs to be done, '" Katherine says.

Madeleine needs as many 8 by 8 quilt squares as she can get from family and friends who have lost someone to the virus – they can simply include a name, a photo, or maybe their favorite sports team.

She needs at least 20 squares before May 12.

While she’s doing this for school, she hopes the project will grow to honor everyone who died.



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